Today was in total contrast to yesterday. I woke early, as is my norm, and wandered down for breakfast. As the only guest in the hostel I was treated to exceptional personal service – so much that I was actually a good chunk later leaving than I’d intended.

A good start for the day and began riding what was only a short ride to Pamplona. 25 miles ahead. Having ridden the horrific rain and hills yesterday I was treated to a steep but short hill leaving Lekunberri and the rain started just as I hit the road. Slightly more hardened to it than I was yesterday I didn’t let it bother me and rode on. I was rewarded by a series of long, sweeping downhills which munched up the miles.

As what was left of the morning disappeared I ducked into a bus shelter to see off the worst of the rain and demolish what was left of my weird Spanish muffin things. The rain started to clear as I was eating and things warmed up too – greatly appreciated.

Today’s video also features a rain spattered lens, but it does get better;

If you’re bored of seeing Spanish roads, look away now!

To say that today was a relief after the previous day is an understatement. A combination of my legs normalising ascents and there simply not being many challenging ones meant that I was able to wander into Pamplona early afternoon and find a hostel for the night.

The architecture in Pamplona is stunning. I’d recommend a visit from what I’ve seen so far.

That does dispose of my rest day for this tour and I’ve targeted myself with being in Zaragoza on Saturday to find a pub with a screen showing the England vs Scotland game, so a couple of days riding before then.

The first one looks a little tough hill-wise so my first job in the morning is to find some alcohol for my stove to give me the option to call it a day wherever I choose. After that I am following a river down to Zaragoza so not expecting any major lumpy stuff until I head south east from there towards the coast.

For now, I am sat in an Irish bar in Pamplona, listening to the wild looking barman’s choice of Christmas songs sung by some folk band…Merry Christmas one and all!

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