So much for better weather today. The morning began very much as yesterday left off. Cold and windy. After today I’m starting to get the impression that March is not the time of year for cycle touring in Northern Europe!

The day continued in much the same vein and I wasn’t able to get many photos along the way as I was too busy fighting with the desire to head to the nearest train station and duck out of this one! Still, I persevered through some pretty heavy rain in the afternoon and some strong head winds driving it into my face. Heading south east into the wind and across the valley of the Somme. It’s a shame the weather was so bad – I’d like to have taken it a little easier and grabbed some more photos. Whilst the scenery here isn’t spectacular, it is beautiful. Rolling hills and long views.

The one real result from the day was that my Rainlegs stood up to the task magnificently. If you haven’t heard of them, Rainlegs are a kind of legged bib worn round the waist and the strapped to the the thighs to cover the most vital parts of the anatomy while riding bikes or horses in the rain. They are a great invention and so much better for the wind profile than the poncho which I was so pleased with on the Rhine last year. With this wind if I’d had the poncho, I would probably now be in Belgium!

65 miles of cold, rain and wind did not make for a happy cyclist when I rode into Le Treport.

My hotel is comfortable and thankfully a little old fashioned. It has radiators rather than air con, giving me a much needed opportunity to wash and dry some clothes.

Having plumped for the seafood the night before I was determined to have that steak I’d promised myself and headed out onto the front in Le Tréport.

A selection of bistros and restaurants so I plumped for the only one which seemed to be offering steak.

Not surprisingly on the coast here, the choices are very seafood heavy.

I had difficulty not ordering enough for three people, but just about managed to order a pile of langoustine to begin and followed this with the awaited steak.

All very good and eaten with the company of a German couple who are holidaying here for the week.

The second day of a tour is always tough. Training rides are normally a week apart, so having to get up and cycle again the following day is a shock to the system. I’m hoping that, as on previous rides, this will even itself out by day three/four.

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