Thankfully this morning’s ride wasn’t intended to be too tough, just out to the coast at Ouisterham and up along the British D-Day beaches before turning inland and heading for Bayeux. It was a slow start after a few too many beers in Caen, but after about five miles of flat cycle paths towards Ouisterham I’d shaken off the hangover. Again today the wind was a significant factor. It was now blowing in hard from the east, coming in right off the sea into my path.

Cycling along the river banks, past the Pegasus Bridge and onto Ouisterham in bright sunshine was a pleasure all the same and I stopped for coffee at a cafe down on the seafront. From there I was heading up onto the D-Day beaches and had the camera at the ready.

There are quite a few photos from this leg of the trip, so rather than try to squeeze them in around my rambling text, I’ll let them tell the story;

Having somehow miscalculated my mileage I found myself in Bayeaux much earlier than expected and headed around the town to play tourist. I have to say, despite the heavy use of English and American accents round here, it’s a stunningly pretty town. The tapestry for which it is so famous I found quite surprising, much longer than I thought but much shorter in height. Unfortunately you aren’t allowed to take photos in there, however this isn’t the case for the town, so I’ll finish this post with a few from around town;

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